5 ways to enhance your space during self-quarantine

To combat coronavirus most effectively, we must literally dig into our human nature and change our habits. I strongly believe if we change our habits, we can change our lives for the better. The viral nature of the coronavirus has us all on edge. Everyone must practice a distancing which is unnatural for the human species. The following blog was created to provide wit and wisdom to help you combat the coronavirus using tools you have at your disposal.

1. Rearrange your furniture

Many factors contribute to a room’s atmosphere. The way the furniture is arranged also plays a significant role. Sometimes monotony in life sets in and can leave you vulnerable to boredom and fatigue. Rearrange the furniture in your space to create a new look. Make your room feel larger and add a different perception to your space. With most people spending 90 % of their time inside, and our health being influenced by everything we touch, consider the transfer from person to person— the chairs at the doctor’s office as you get a check up or passing a cup to your children. Just a simple rearranging of furniture makes a difference. By moving things further apart, makes your family less likely to spread germs. You can also prearrange the furniture for someone who is quarantined so that they have access to help, fresh clothes, meds, and attention from family members while removing the threat of contamination. This will look different for each person, but functionality and ease of use are paramount. You can use the view my room in 3D app to see your room in 3D and visually move furniture before you move anything.

2. Let the light in!

This tip is very simple, but many forget the effects! Open the windows to let fresh air in. If it is to cold for this, open your blinds and curtains to let sunlight flow into your space. Allowing light into your space eases stress and anxiety. Chemicals in the pituitary gland in the brain respond to light shining on your face. It sends hormones to the body that promote energy for your daily tasks. Many CEO’s just allow the sun to wake them as it shines on their faces. This is a powerful tool for getting the most out of your days and keeping sickness away.

3. Clean up your clutter

How many times have you passed by an old stack of clothes in your home? each time your energy decreases tenfold— until finally, you fall into an unproductive slump. From here, fears, anxieties and negative energy attack the conscious and subconscious mind. Clutter can be overstimulating and cause unnecessary stress. This law applies to anything unfinished, untouched, or dysfunctional in your space. Set aside time to reorganize things that you have been on your mind. Donate old clothes you haven’t worn. In the same vein as decluttering, you can also pick pieces of your space to optimize one day at a time. Even if the task is making your bed; by merely completing this small task, you ‘ll be amazed at the effect on your psyche.

4. Scent

Lighting your favorite scented candle can greatly lower your stress and anxiety levels. Just place one next to your nightstand. I love tulips. They’ve got smell that melts my troubles and there so aesthetically pleasing that I purchase fresh cut flowers regularly for my room. A 10-month study shows a link between flowers and life satisfaction. The study demonstrates the immediate impact on mood that flowers have as well as the positive effect on long-term mood make flowers a must have during this pandemic. Their presence even leading to increased contact with family and friends. This is because smells influence you in powerful ways. Even business are very particular about the aroma of the store because it leaves a lasting imprint on the customers. Go to your local flower shop (Kroger will do) and choose your favorites!

5. Add greenery

If coronavirus is stressing you out (or anything for that matter), going outside and looking at nature is an amazing way to refuel your mental health, while also secluded green space are create places for exercise. Exercise is a great way to keep you immune strong. You do not have to visit a trail or a park to experience the benefits and the renewing of your mind! Simply adding green plants, and flowers will enhance your mood and replace the fear and frustration with clarity, peace, balance. If you are working from home, put a plant you find groovy in a space where you often look, and when you feel overwhelmed, go to the room where you place the plants for 10 minutes. You could even do a plant room— the more the merrier!

So, these are your tips! Together we can design spaces that improve the quality of life of each one of us. Try each one of the tips, and sure to monitor each one’s effect on your mood. Put the most effective ones in your journal and let us know!

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