How to Style Your Guest Bathroom

Let me tell you how to make home styling easy. No, I'm serious. Are you ready?
All you have to do is start with a theme. Sit down, preferably with whoever will be sharing the space with you, and brainstorm different themes, ideas, colors, textures and moods you want the space to have. Narrow it down. You're going to want to stick with one theme consistently throughout your design. But, once you figure that out, it's easier from there.
Well, styling is never easy, but you sure will be better off than if you just blindly start buying things you think "might look nice" for your home. You'll end up with a whole lot of stuff that clash. Or, worse, you'll buy things that are "trendy" or that you saw on HGTV, and realize later down the road that they actually don't meet the aesthetic or functional needs of your space.
Now let's talk bathrooms. This month, I've been on a master bathroom remodelling site, and it has come along beautifully. You can see more of that project here: Master Bathroom Renovation. But, today I want to talk about some of the ways people fail when it comes to bathroom styling, and how you can get it right.
The bathroom is an often overlooked area of the home for hobbyist home decorators, especially guest bathrooms. Some people put all the spotlight on their master bedroom, and that's important of course, but you should consider your guests as well!
Now, back to the idea of theming. What styles and moods do you want your bathroom to convey? Do you want it to be sleek and uber modern? Airy and vibrant with natural elements? Traditional and elegant with references to Japanese zen gardens? Whatever your style, you can make it happen!
One of the best practices for styling a bathroom is using a tray on your vanity to keep your bath products neat and organized. There are a lot of different styles of trays, and you can really get creative with it. You can use a traditional silver tray, rectangular rattan woven basket, or even a simple marble slab. This gold leaf tray with white marble inlay would complement a marble countertop well, without adding too much visual clutter.
You should also make sure your soap dispensers, toothbrush holder, and napkin holder all match the same theme and color story. It's easy to buy these sets with bath accessories that are all made from the same material, but don't be afraid to mix it up and find items that work well together without being matchy-matchy.
If you'd like, you can even put your shower products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) into neutral containers that match your color story. There are a few benefits to this. The packaging on shower products might clash with your overall design, and they can look like clutter in an otherwise minimalist bathroom. Also, this would allow you to buy your shower products in bulk and refill as needed, cutting down on single-use plastic waste.
Here is a powder room that I've designed and styled, and how you can achieve a similar look!
In this small powder room, I optimized space by choosing a few practical pieces that were substantial, but didn't take up a lot of space. The mirrored vanity is gorgeous, but it also opens up the space and makes an otherwise cramped area larger and more comfortable to be in. Afterall, your guest bathroom or powder room should take a comfort-first approach! Your guests will thank you.
I also choose these fantastic Mother of Pearl bath accessories for my client's vanity, which includes two trays, a soap dispenser and waste basket. These pieces add a natural touch to the room while picking up on the silver of the mirror and wall piece. Overall, this powder room is part French country, part Southern elegance. I choose Damask wallpaper for the walls and a linen style wallpaper for the ceiling to complete this theme.
I finished styling this room with a Narcissus flower porcelain diffuser. I suggest using a scent diffuser in every bathroom to keep these spaces smelling fresh and pleasant. (Again, your guests will thank you.) These diffusers are a bestseller at our store, as their designs are gorgeous to look at, and each scent mimics a different flower. Porcelain also diffusers slower than reeds, so each refill bottle lasts up to 8 months.
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